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Norman Foster, the British architect is working on a large-scale project to build 3 droneports to deliver medical supplies and electrical parts. This droneports which will be the world’s first droneport will be constructed in Rwanda. Read more


Olalekan Jeyifous, a Nigeria designer has created a dystopian vision of shanty-town towers to highlight the poor standard of living in the city’s impoverished areas. Shanty Megastructures transforms shanty dwellings into sleek high-rise towers in the centre of Lagos. Read more


Congrats to Arc. David Adjaye. The British-Ghanaian architect has hit the top with his most important building to date – The National Museum of African American History and Culture on Washington’s National Mall. Read more


After researched and talked with experts, Fast Company gives you the 8 Top Office Design Trends for 2016 which expert says that every company should start incorporating into their workplace design in order to keep workers engaged, happy and get the most out of the office space. Check this out…
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In very hot countries, design should focus on keeping the sun out and enjoying light in buildings. New and trendy materials like Corten are used all over Europe at the moment. Resistant to rust and complementary to existing building and its surroundings. Check this out…
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If you’re wondering what new Italian tile products will be popping up in 2016, here’s a roundup of the 10 most popular trends we saw at Cersaie, an exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing. Read more


It seems only fair that Africa’s rich cultures and growing population finally take the stage in Architecture, but it is also crucially important that Africa’s future development is done right. This article is about seven pioneers of Africa’s architectural awakening. Read more


The City of London now has a new development being added to its cityscape. With over 73 floors and a public viewing gallery, the Design of No 1 Undershaft Street is the new crown in the city. Read more


What actually sets new build offices apart from their more traditional counterparts? Offices are designed to cater to a wide range of different users while still meeting a whole host of expectations and requirements. Has anything changed? Read more.


Interlocking cubes, spacious areas, and a minimalist interior: In the form of the “Vista House” in south Stuttgart, commissioned in 2012, architect Alexander Brenner created an especially generously dimensioned and impressive private residence on a slope. Read more.


Using local materials and skills, this school in a floating slum is a brave exemplar for a community in dire need, yet the Lagos state government is threatening to demolish it. Makoko, a Nigerian shantytown on the marshy waterfront of Lagos. Read more.


Those hoping to see fanciful fashion fabrics and safari-cabin hardwood furniture will be disappointed in the exhibition on “design” in Africa at the Vitra Design Museum. For this is an exhibition as much about countering precisely such stereotyped, colonialistically-colored perceptions of Africa as it is about a holistic notion of design. Read more.
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The ocean is one of the most beautiful natural items, and people who live close to the ocean, do so because they want an Ocean view. This house by ITN Architects solves two problems. It gives the owner an ocen view by raising it on stilts, and provides a shaded area below. Read more.

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Faced with a competitive market and explosive growth, KFC is currently undertaking a re-brand exercise with Gensler, one of the worlds leading architects based in London. to develop a new global restaurant prototype that embodies a refreshed brand image. According to Gensler, KFC’s new brand image is incorporated in a flexible system of signage and graphics; and clean, simple interiors and interactive tables draw a new, younger demographic.
Visit KFC re-brand page


David Adjaye, who has recently written a book on African Architecture designed the office campus for new 65-hectare development in Uganda. The Naguru-Nakawa project is Africa’s largest urban redevelopment project in history and is intended as a model that can be replicated on other sites across Africa. David Adjaye’s new project


Nigeria is at the forefront of an explosion, a retail explosion to be exact. A recent news article shows that in the last two years, Nigeria has attracted over N200bn in retail investment, and this is just the start of Western retailers seeking investment in the country. And it is not only Shoprite and other big retailers, the fashion sector is also seeing the rise of foreign brands, as Nigeria takes to the fashion catwalk.


It is all about Hotels. From Lagos and Kigali to Nairobi and Johannesburg, the world’s best known hoteliers are targeting Africa’s growing urban centers to benefit from a rising number of business travelers and a huge undersupply in available rooms. Read more.


Elegant design never just happens. And the right materials can bring light and durability to a design. Visitors to the Corian stand at the exhibition may not notice, but a new composite material developed by Reinhard Reis provides the ideal solution for great trade-fair displays. Read more.


The amount of energy consumed by a building is largely dependent upon its outer shell and can therefore be reduced with the installation of a CCF-façade (closed cavity façade). Read more. You can also view our external facades product range

The winners of the 2011 WAN Awards (World Architectural Awards) – Education category features a number of innovative design concepts in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. Read more


Desmo recently introduced Keraben ceramic cladding (bonded and ventilated), and it is our pleasure to introduce this article on energy saving closed cavity facades (CCF). CCF façades provide more effective heat and sound insulation, and so significantly reduce the building’s operation and maintenance costs. read more.


Nigeria: The future rises
It is widely agreed that Africa is the new land for development and opportunities. Nigeria, as one of the key areas of forecasted growth has begun to attract internationally acclaimed Architects making their stamp on the emerging landscape. View a number of emerging projects in Nigeria.

The World Architecture News 21 Awards are now down to 8 contestants. Read more about these outstanding designers and their bold innovative work. Visit WAN 21


Inspiring social change with design
Social change is on every Nigerian’s heart, if not mouth. In the weeks and days following the protests, various conversations have centered around the need for change, whether politically, morally or financially inspired, people just want a better Nigeria. Can design also inspire change?

  • We look at the plans for an ‘Eco-city’ in Lagos. The design is inspired by a vision create an urban plan that incorporates housing, industrial space, parkland, agriculture, water, and thoroughfares into an ingenious and tidy package. A decent urban plan is especially relevant with current global issues of eco-branding, tax increases, economic and industrial collapse, global warming, and overpopulation. Should Nigerians be looking to design as a driver for social change? View plans.


The way things are done

Lighting and LEDs

  • Thomas Edelmann writes for Stylepark, focusing on LEDs and the technicalities of lighting. He looks at the disadvantages of traditional fluorescent lamps and features LED as an alternative solution. A must read for any developer passionate about good lighting.


Innovative construction work from all around the world

  • The Pasarela del Arganzuela is a pedestrian bridge in Madrid. The steel structure tapers like a cone and lights up as a spiral at night.
  • When a huge technology giant opens a flagship head office, they want to reflect a strong brand. Decos Technology Group focused on an open planned space with minimal boundaries, creating a workshop environment where people could meet and swap ideas.


Our August issue will provide a bumper edition of new projects and innovation in design.


We turn our spotlight to Africa.

  • International design studio uses African fabrics as inspiration for a new collection in the Milan Furniture fair with over 2,500 designers.
  • Sir Norman Foster completes his latest project in Africa. Experience the innovation and quality from one of the World’s best Architects in the Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur.
  • Introducing the flagship hotel of “the pearl of Africa”, the Kampala Serena Hotel in Uganda
  • Visit to follow the architectural trends in Africa and news on major projects across Africa


This month is all about Multiple Award winning Architects and their Architecture.

  • Aedas is an Architectural firm with a portfolio of complex projects across the globe.
  • Looking for innovation in residential design, apartments and remodelling? Have a look at Gregory Phillips, a renowed firm in Architectural design trends.
  • Giorgio Burruso is an Italian Architect best known for his innovative experiential designs for international retail fashion houses.
  • This excellent article on the Classification of Nigerian Architecture spans a period from pre-colonial times to recent developments. A must read!