Bringing perfection to plastic.



Pedrali is an innovative Milan based company that has taken plastic to another level. They have revolutionised the look, feel and quality of polypropylene products with cost conscious innovation, quality and design.


You will be surprised at the range of furniture and the possibilities available. We are literally overwhelmed and overjoyed by the range and breadth of products we have seen and the potential for unique and eye catching items that will enhance any space.


This is what makes Pedrali a key Desmo partner. We value and appreciate the extent they will go to innovate; and some of the surprising projects where you will find their products.

There are Pedrali lights; Pedrali Office Furniture; Pedrali Hotel furniture; Pedrali coat hangers; and more.


They have taken plastic to another level. Have a look at the range of possibilities in the pictures below. Fantasise about the possibilities. You can now have Pedrali products in your office, home, hotel, restaurant, schools, church and leisure centres!


It is our pleasure to present to you Pedrali lights, office furniture, latest restaurant/Cafe furniture to mention a few. We love it! We have landmark projects in Nigeria too with Pedrali products including Genesis QSR Roll out, Nest Oil, Kings Court, Shell, Mansfield Oil Port Harcourt HQ and many more.