We all know that the kitchen has replaced the living room as the centre of interaction in most homes. We want to share our passion for kitchens and provide  inspiration and ideas to clients. This is why, at Desmo, we constantly follow the trend and listen to what our clients want.

Astra, our Kitchen partners provide bespoke contenporary kitchens at affordable prices. Their new XXL Kitchen range takes the concept of the ‘living’ kitchen and gorgeously integrates this with the functional kitchen requirements. Simply Brilliant!.




  • Hoods with open side compartments
  • Organic glass surfaces which look like glass but unbreakable and scratch resistant
  • Reassuring oversized handles giving a the kitchen a different presence
  • Extruded aluminium recessed handles
  • Mix of forwarding thinking ideas




We want our customers and their families and friends to  should feel relaxed in the kitchen.  An Astra kitchens is the place to de-stress and watch as the chef extra-ordinaire takes your taste buds on a culinary journey.

“I always had a fantasy of being a chef, because I like kitchen life.”

Geoffery Rush (Actor)




XXL Kitchens combines all the ideas of a modern kitchen into one space. Take a look at some of our Astra kitchens below,…. imagine yourself there, feel the space, experience the lightness and freedom of the space.

Our goal is to inspire you and your next kitchen project with fresh ideas and a different look.