Inspired by lanterns of times past, Pedrali provides stylish wireless outdoor and indoor lighting. It is distinguished by contemporary design and suitable for outdoor environments such as plush hotel poolsides, alfresco dining environments, luxury apartments and communal areas of high spec residential, commercial and office buildings.

We believe that the name reflects its essence as the swivelling diffuser and the rechargeable feature recalls the great inventor Alessandro Volta and his main discovery, the battery.


This incredible lighting solution is chargeable using a USB port. Once fully charged, it lasts up to 8 hours. The light source is provided via a 60 LED bulb that uses 2W of energy.

The Giravolta range of products is perfect for the Nigerian environment where power can be a challenge. Think about it, you can now brighten up the outdoors in the evening and at night without using a generator.

We can understand why restaurants, hotels, bars and lesiure facilities will be excited about this innovation.

Technical specification

Giravolta comes in varying heights and colours. It is made from extruded aluminium and uses a lithium battery.

The range features a variety of features:

  • Dual discs
  • Plastic material
  • The base and the LED diffuser can rotate at 360 degrees and directs the light
  • The luminaire incorporates the LED board, the lithium battery, the micro USB device for recharge and the power button.
  • A magnet in the base as optional allows the fixing of the lighting on metal surfaces, even wall.