The office environment is changing to suit our modern lifestyle.

Smart phones, personal sound systems, interconnectivity, open colourful offices with break away areas and dressed down days are now the norm for entrepreneurial businesses, especially in tech, ecommerce and creative industries.

Several studies have show that staff are more productive in these environment, rather than the traditional cubicles with archaic work processes.

So its important that office layout designs support and enhance these new ways of working efficiently. Partition systems do need to move with the times and we have sourced a Partition System, the  Sound System and Wood Wall, that allows you the flexibility and ease to generates the perfect office environment

The Sound System

This is a complete system of cubicles, finishing screens and panels that improve sound absorption. The benefits of this partition system is immediately clear. It makes the work environment more comfortable and promotes superior performance from employees who are not distracted by the surrounding noise/phone calls of other members of staff.

The Sound system enables you to have phone booths within the office where staff can make mobile phone calls without disturbing others.

Employees and team leaders can hold meetings in stand-alone cubicles where the acoustics ensure you cannot be heard by the people on the other side of the partition.

The Sound System creates exclusive spaces where people feel a sense of privacy and security whilst in the middle of a busy office.

The Wood Wall

Be different, classy and natural.

The Wood Wall is an office partition where natural wood is the primary and distinguishing feature.  Whilst metal partitions have ruled for long, demountable wood partition is now setting the trend in contemporary office spaces. You can rediscover natural materials and their essence.
Executive floors will never look the same again. You can now have acoustic wood cubicles for important and sensitive meetings whilst differentiating the floor with highly impressive and functional wood wall partitions.

To learn more about how the Sound System and Wood Wall can transform your project. Get in touch with us.

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